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Aviation Online is proud to announce the addition of Brussels Airlines

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Airline Sales Representation

Aviation Online performs all functions for passenger transactions for agents in BSP and a range of dedicated "airline direct" reservation systems as provided by some of our clients. We guarantee the reputation and integrity of our principal's brand in the territories we represent them with a very stong focus on generating sales.

Unique Product Offering

A major point of difference of our airline representation company is that we are completely independent of all travel agency and consolidator distribution channels thus avoiding any conflicts. Principal's tariffs are distributed via CRS, internet portals of ALL major consolidators, chains and online travel agents. Accordingly net fares, mixed carriage product, RTW fares options can all be accessed immediately as they are released to us by our partner airline

Dedicated Service 

With a strict policy of not to represent conflicting clients across similar networks, we can ensure dedicated service for all our clients.  We specialise in providing a complete range of tailored marketing, sales, ticketing, financial and administrative services for both ONLINE and OFFLINE carrier airlines require a complete or partial outsourcing solution

Aviation Online provides:

  • local market offices;
  • multi-skilled management;
  • expercienced reservations & ticketing staff;
  • dedicated sales team
  • established industry network;
  • expert local knowledge;
  • national & regional coverage;
  • marketing and promotional activities;
  • industry leading technical/IT infrastructure.

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